Privacy Statement

JPMORGAN ASSET MANAGEMENT (SINGAPORE) LIMITED ("JPMAMS") is fully committed to protecting the privacy interests of individuals who provide us with information about themselves. In doing so, we instruct our staff to comply with strict internal standards of security and confidentiality.

THE PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION ("PI Information") which we collect at the web site comprises any or all of the following:

  1. the IP address of the visitor's personal computer; the country from which the inquiry is made; the pages visited; the time at which a visit is made and the browser type;
  2. certain personal details of the visitor (these may for instance include his/her name; age; sex; profession); contact details; whether the visitor holds any funds offered or distributed by JPMAMS and wishes to receive information and if so, what kind of information. This PI information, when collected, is not electronically encrypted; and

    Apart from any security passcode, PI information collected at the web site is not electronically encrypted.

    We or our third-party partners may use software tools or 'cookies' to gather information about site visitors' browsing activities. The information collected may be processed by us, our agents or any other third parties which provide services to JPMorgan. For further details of our Cookies Policy, please click here.

PI INFORMATION RECEIVED BY JPMAMS MAY BE USED BY JPMAMS and/or any of JPMAMS's holding companies, subsidiaries or associated companies, within or outside Singapore, for direct marketing purposes and in this connection, JPMAMS may transfer or disclose that information to any of those other companies or any agents or third parties which may provide services to JPMAMS, within or outside Singapore. PI Information which may be collected over the website may be used by JPMAMS and transferred or disclosed to any manager or trustee of any funds offered or distributed by JPMAMS in which you may invest; any of their or JPMAMS's holding companies, subsidiaries or associated companies, agents and any other third party which provides services to JPMAMS, within or outside Singapore, for the purposes of providing financial services or any related services, including direct marketing (by means of mail drops or via the internet). JPMAMS will cease to use your PI Information for direct marketing purposes if you request us to do so.

JPMAMS'S POLICY IS GENERALLY TO RETAIN PI INFORMATION concerning its individual clients for a minimum period of seven years after a person ceases to be a client and to erase or destroy it after the expiration of that period. PI Information concerning an individual which is collected at a time when that individual is not a client is erased or destroyed when that PI Information is no longer required for the purpose, including any directly related purpose, for which that information was used.

JPMAMS'S POLICY IS TO RESTRICT ACCESS TO PI INFORMATION concerning individuals to employees and agents who have a need to use that information and who have been instructed to handle such information properly and observe confidentiality.

AN INDIVIDUAL OR ANOTHER PERSON PERMITTED on his/her behalf has the right to be informed by JPMAMS whether it holds PI Information about that individual and to request access to and/or correction of any such PI Information. Any such request may be made to the Data Protection Officer, JPMORGAN ASSET MANAGEMENT (SINGAPORE) LIMITED, 168 Robinson Road, Singapore, 068912. Telephone: +65 6882 1328 / Fax: +65 6536 3361. In order to deal with any such request, we will require evidence from you that you are the individual in respect of whom the request is made or a person permitted to make the request on that individual's behalf. We will deal with any such request as soon as possible.